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This franchise is unique in its gathering of families for a fast food meal or a fund raising event; however, their work crew has to be ordered from the slum of the county environs, or bums from the fraternal order of police, or police operatives, or delinquents of the county jail system; all determined with the permission of the Major Headquarters of the Chick Fil A franchise based in Georgia or North Carolina. Everytime I walk into the acquired space of a Chick Fil A restaurant I am greeted not by wholesome college students but by persons of the same age working off a debt or persons delivering an operation for either the police of the county or county direct in which they operate their decorative franchise.

Immediately when I sit down at any Chick Fil A I usually find the police arrive soon after I have seated. The Chick Fil A mentioned above has tampered continually with my order to the extent I look ridiculous! I go inside I as the slum, ***, police operative, or county jail delinquent for my order of #2 combo meal (inclusive of fries) with the addition of a side salad + beverage. I am slimed all the way through the meal.

If, throw away my cup and ask for a new cup I am yelled at; if, I wish to argue the police are there to THROW me off the premisses 'never' to return. It makes me wonder if there are illegal or domestic terrorism issues occuring at the Liberty, Missouri Chick Fil A: 110 N. Conister Street, Liberty, Missouri 64068. I walk across to the KCB Bank located directly at 930 W.

Liberty Drive in Liberty, Missouri 64068; 8167816051 and speak with Lori Ewing Loan Specialist and the entire bank knows Chick Fil A has directed it's franchise view this way. As of today November 1, 2013; having visited the 110 N. Conister CHICK FIL A in Liberty, Missouri 64068 at 11:30 am; I, Jennifer L. Foster, after consuming something like cat '***' in my chicken noodle soup and masculine genital 'crust' in my side salad left Chick Fil A only to make a complaint to John Hoffman the manager and receive a refund.

Every meal here is a dirty deal especially around the beverage troth. Fingers slide into my beverage or they slime the order through the air and grime and slime reach the food stuffs.

Someone needs to look into the on site politic of each franchise and they need to start with the Chick Fil A's in the State of Kansas and Missouri.

Review about: Chick Fil A Combo Meal.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Oh grow up! I have news for you, the only places that work to pay off a debt for a crime that they have committed are non-profit places.

You can even find convicts, in uniform working at places like the Salvation Army, etc. Do you happen to know what the word environs means? It doesn't appear that you do. It also doesn't appear that you know what the Fraternal Order of Police is?

It is an organization of law officers from city, county, and state law enforcement agencies. They do a lot of good in the communities. I know I was married to a law officer for 20 years. What do you consider wholesome college kids?

Not all college kids look like the typical picture of the kid next door. Some of them actually look like hoodlums. How are you slimed? Maybe they think you are weird because you order the same thing all the time.

You also don't have any idea what the word "troth" means. I would suggest before you go using unusual words, you knw what they mean. If you are going to want a refill of your drink why would you throw your cup away and why would you argue with the employees? There is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Your whole complaint doesn't make any sense. Do you suppose the reason the police show up soon after you have sat down, is because you have the reputation of being a troublemaker. That's what it sounds like to me. How do they tamper with your order?

For somebody that thinks they are smarter and better than other people you, have words that should be capitalized and aren't, and then you have capitalize words that shouldn't be. You also used words that you don't know the meaning of or didn't know how to spell them. You wondered if there could be illegal or domestic terrorism issues going on there, it sounds more like you might be guilty of that type of actions.

If there was a Chick Fil A where I live, I wouldn't patronize them because of their religious beliefs.

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