I actually would like to submit this in order to stress the importants to all consumers on checking things out before we just go ahead and pay.I am sure that everyone or atleast almost everyone loves a good milkshake.

Well I had all but went coocoo for the like of a milkshake from Chick-fil-a. That was until one day I really listened to my total. As I got to the window I asked the gentlemen if my milkshake total had jumped up by $0.20 he said yes mam. I shook my head and said is that for taxes?

He said yes mam. I vowed with all my might to not buy another milkshake from them again and to tell as many people as would listen. I felt that that was a bit excessive. Especially since I went to the grocery store and was able to buy $10.00 worth of groceries and the total for tax was $0.22????

I know that it may not seem like a lot but when I thought about it it added it up to a meal or two for my family. That would be two milkshakes a week sometimes four and then not to say if I had the children in the car.....$0.20 extra twice a week times 52 weeks was $20.80 wasted. I wouldn't say wasted but I mean wow that is alot. Again, that would be with me knowing that sometimes it was much more.

Shame on Chick-fil-a, shame on you.


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Ummm, the store/restaurant does not set the taxes, it's the state.Some states include a prepared food tax to try to profit from as well as discourage people from eating fast food.

It has nothing to do with Chic-Fil-A...if you have an issue with the taxes, take it up with your state...


Well Chic-fil-a actually uses REAL chicken in their food, not that processed ***. Every single time the price of chicken goes up, even a little bit, the prices of EVERYTHING else goes up a lot. That is actual price of them item + the taxes, and the price of chicken goes up quite a lot.

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