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I actually would like to submit this in order to stress the importants to all consumers on checking things out before we just go ahead and pay. I am sure that everyone or atleast almost everyone loves a good milkshake.

Well I had all but went coocoo for the like of a milkshake from Chick-fil-a. That was until one day I really listened to my total. As I got to the window I asked the gentlemen if my milkshake total had jumped up by $0.20 he said yes mam. I shook my head and said is that for taxes?

He said yes mam. I vowed with all my might to not buy another milkshake from them again and to tell as many people as would listen. I felt that that was a bit excessive. Especially since I went to the grocery store and was able to buy $10.00 worth of groceries and the total for tax was $0.22????

I know that it may not seem like a lot but when I thought about it it added it up to a meal or two for my family. That would be two milkshakes a week sometimes four and then not to say if I had the children in the car.....$0.20 extra twice a week times 52 weeks was $20.80 wasted. I wouldn't say wasted but I mean wow that is alot. Again, that would be with me knowing that sometimes it was much more.

Shame on Chick-fil-a, shame on you.

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Actually it's not shame on Chick-fil-a, a name which makes me shudder even as a write it, it's shame on your state. Many states impose higher taxes on "non-necessary" items.

Now although you may think that you need a chocolate milkshake to live your state begs to differ.

Hence the .20 tax. Do your homework before you gripe.

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