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Update by user Feb 10, 2013

And again I said "pubic like hair" I did not say it was a pubic hair i said pubic like hair..learn to read

Update by user Feb 10, 2013

Anyone looking at this picture, you can see some breading on the end of the hair, I do not expect anything for free..just thought you people would like to see this

Original review posted by user Feb 10, 2013

I got up one morning and went shopping, I normally don't eat fast food but I hadn't eaten breakfast, I was extremely hungry so I knew that I should eat something before I went grocery shopping because I knew if I didn't eat I would spend more money on groceries because everything at the grocery store would look good so I looked around for something healthy to eat that was quick and I came across Chick Fil A, I thought well it's got to be healthier than McDonalds or Burger King, so I pulled into Chick Fil a, I went in to order the Chicken Strips and a small fry with a sweet tea, I got my meal and opened up my box of chicken strips and saw a pubic like hair sticking out of the breading of my chicken strip. And that ruined my Chick Fil a experience.

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Godfrey, Illinois, United States #900626

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ohhhh my gawd. You consider chick fil A healthy??? Im scared of what you think unhealthy is....


"I looked around for something healthy to eat"

Sorry but lol :D

Owensville, Indiana, United States #695117

How do you know it was a pubic hair? Do you eat them on a regular basis?

Emmm.. a pubic haired filled pop-tart.

Just imagine all of the nasty things you eat that you never see? Stop complaining dippy, you lack discipline.

Houston, Texas, United States #695094

We should all shave our head, public ya know. It's not a pube hair.

It's not the nastiest thing in the world.

Be thankful it wasn't a finger in your Wendy's chili, or it wasn't a nasty band aid in your burger,

It's a air, gross yes but it won't kill you, won't out you n mental therapy.

Annapolis, Maryland, United States #681604

***!!! I almost ate a pubic like hair myself, just now. I'm staring at a strand of auburn hair fried into the chicken nugget.


So everyone trolling on this post is cool with eating "public" hairs in their chicken nuggets?

And I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you ate at an urban Chik-Fil-A? Hahah

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #641916


But the point is, is that nasty hair was stuck in my chicken strip.


For the other *** that commented, it clearly says pubic LIKE hair which meansss it looks just like a curly pube.


Nasty. It's probably not a pubic hair, thank goodness ...

that would be hard to get in a sandwich. But quite possibly a head or even chest hair.

Next time, try a Burger King breakfast sandwich - they're better for you than fried chicken and fried potatoes anyway!

to BadKitty #607082

I meant chicken nugget, not sandwich -- I guess I have Burger King on my mind now!

Brecksville, Ohio, United States #607076

A public hair huh? You shouldn't tell people they should learn to read when that is in fact what you typed lol

to liketheverb Baldwinsville, New York, United States #607085

It wasnt a public hair, It was a private hair

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #606819

How can you say for sure that it was a pubic hair? Different people have different textures of hair. Furthermore, if anywone of your hairs had been run through breading and hot oil, it might look like pubic hair too.

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